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Life Beyond Career

Complimentary Workshops

Planning for a post-career life can bring up an entire range of emotions. Coming to grips with what you are feeling opens you to explore the fullness of retirement and what it has to offer. Our complimentary monthly workshop takes a retirement related topic and unpacks the practical aspects of integrating elements into your life after or when you career becomes less important.

Previous Events

The Longevity Revolution

How to Prepare for a Longer and Healthier Retirement

Are you ready for a longer life?

A recent study by Zety found that “40% of our respondents who feared retirement agreed that it scared them more than death itself.”

The topic of longevity can be a daunting one. After all, who wants to think about their own mortality? However, as life expectancy continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to have a conversation about longevity with spouse/partner, financial advisor, and medical professionals.

In this LIFE BEYOND CAREER workshop, we will explore how we frame the topic, what you can do to dive deeper, understand the benefits of estimating your lifespan, and giving practical advice on planning around that longevity.

Becoming and Staying Motivated In Retirement

45% of retirees who work do so for the social and emotional benefits. T.RowePrice

The novelty of permanent vacation begins to wear off. HelpGuide.org

Boredom plays a role in making life challenging for people in retirement. Forbes.com

Most older Americans continue to lack the resources that would allow them to weather a “financial shock.” National Council on Aging

Motivation can play a key element in post-career lifestyle planning. Your ability to understand the kind of life you want to lead goes a long way to keeping yourself in a healthy state of mind.

In this LIFE BEYOND CAREER workshop, we will walk through the preparation, execution, and control of post-career motivation. We discuss the motivation leading into retirement and then the process to stay positively motivated while in retirement

7 Keys Of Retirement Life

Whether planning for or fully immersed in post-career living, not having a lifestyle plan can create a lack of clarity, causing retirement to seem like life is adrift and unstructured.

Grab your spouse or partner and join us for this workshop. We will discuss the 7 Keys you need to face and reconcile to make the most of the life you want to live in retirement.

  1. Longevity. What will that mean for you and your partner?
  2. Career Mindset. How important is your job and what will you do to find the right level of peace and comfort post-career?
  3. Time Management. How well do you manage your time today and what does it mean to manage it well in retirement?
  4. Retirement Mindset. What’s the right attitude to have as you approach and are in retirement?
  5. Financial Mindset. Do you have a realistic handle on your financial portfolio that will bring maximum lifestyle satisfaction?
  6. Anticipated Lifestyle. What will you do to not become a retirement hermit?
  7. Planned Activities. What types of goals should you set to fill your days with meaning and purpose?

A New Beginning, Not A New Worry

Picture of a workshop event: A New Beginning, Not a New Worry

More than two-thirds say the U.S. faces a retirement crisis. National Institute on Retirement Security

More than half of Americans say preparing for retirement is only getting harder. National Institute on Retirement Security

Letting go can be hard. Your identity as a working person in a particular place, with certain people, doing specific things disappears quickly. University of Washington

You have over 20% of your life left after the traditional retirement age. Retirement Time Analysis

52% of those close to or in retirement do not have a purpose in life that is defined and written. Retirement Time Analysis

In this LIFE BEYOND CAREER workshop, you will be guided through solutions to help you focus on a post career life in three ways.

  • Personal (addressing factors like missing a career, knowing what to do with your time, and becoming socially isolated)
  • Medical (unpacking items like a serious illness, proper self-care, and outliving your partner)
  • Financial (understanding the risk of Social Security, quality healthcare, and being a financial burden)

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