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Time Mastery: A Journey to Potential, Purpose, and Performance

I proactively check up on clients as a part of my process through the Time-Optimization program I provide (yes – I am intentionally starting off with a lot of Ps).

I texted a client called “Patti” to see how she was doing. We are working on her challenges with procrastination and interruptions. At one point, she messaged back, “I am a hot mess.” Work has been particularly challenging and encroaching into her personal life. It is hard for her to turn off professional life and embrace down time.

Patti is a determined and dedicated person. It is in her desire to excel, but events happen to derail the progress she wants to make. If she is truly going to be able to master her time, she will need to realize her potential, understand her purpose, and consistently drive performance.


Within each of us lies a vast reservoir of untapped potential, waiting to be discovered and unleashed. This potential holds the key to a life of greater fulfillment, joy, and purpose. But how do we unlock this treasure chest and begin utilizing our full time-optimized potential? We need to identify our shortcomings.

Patti took the Time Management Analysis (TMA) that analyzed her current use of time in 5 different categories of planning, task administration, focus, organization, and personal care. Focus was her most identified opportunity. It contained 6 sections of procrastination, interruptions, saying no, talking too much, motivation, and distractions. Of those 6, procrastination and interruptions became highlighted for her.

Patti understands her potential to help improve her productivity lies in confronting those areas in her life where time is most disrupted and facing them head on. The same applies to you. What do you struggle with the most when managing your time? Identify it and meet it.


Once you see the potential, then you make it a purpose in life to improve. Our time mastery purpose acts as a guiding light, illuminating the path toward a life that feels meaningful and impactful. It fuels our passion, motivates us through the time challenges, and provides a sense of direction and alignment with time desires.

Identifying your purpose involves introspection and exploration. Ask yourself: “What truly matters to me if I can improve?” “What challenges will I leave behind?”

As Patti seeks answers to these questions. She had taken deeper dives into procrastination and interruptions to find the root causes to tackle one-by-one.  Like Patti, pay attention to the activities that light your inner fire and evoke a sense of purpose within you. Continue to find incremental wins, that allow you to see progress as you improve.


Patti has been focused and shown a real desire to understand the potential and to tie the purpose around that. The reason why she feels life is “a hot mess” is because of inconsistent performance. Patti is not alone. People who are not masters of their time struggle with the general busyness that it is difficult to invest the additional time that is needed improve performance. The constant “tyranny of the urgency” prevents the additional focus needed to see progress. Frustration then sets in, potential flounders, and the purpose becomes cloudy.

As of this writing, Patti is still trying to figure out whether she can put into practice what she has identified and what we have worked together on relating to her procrastination and allowing interruptions. She is a highly passionate person with a great heart and commitment to do well. Many of you reading this are just like Patti.

No Quick Fix to Time Mastery

I’d love to be able to provide a quick fix or guarantee for Patti (or if you work with me). My program highlights the opportunities and has the tools and resources to time-optimize your life. However, whatever methods you use, whatever coach you hire, whatever resources you purchase – you must be ready to invest the time consistently and diligently to ingrain the right patterns of change. 

Patti has the potential, she has a purpose, if she can invest more time around performance, she’ll gain mastery over the interruptions that plague her day and the procrastination that delays progress at work and at home. What about you?

How is your time mastery of potential?

How is your time mastery of purpose?

How is your time mastery of performance?

Finding Time Mastery In-Career and Post-Career

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David Buck is the author of the book “The Time-Optimized Life, owner of Kairos Management Solutions, LLC, and founder of the Infinity Lifestyle Design program. As a certified professional retirement coach (CPRC), David works with financial services providers helping their clients create a post-career lifestyle strategy. To learn more, contact him at dave@kmstime.com or visit Infinity Lifestyle Design.

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