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Do you manage or optimize the use of your time?

Time Management

Time Management is the right preparation, along with the right execution, to control productivity.

Time Management is series of scheduled events or planned activities you will get to at some point.

Time Optimization

Time-optimized time management is a continuous pursuit of the right preparation, along with the right execution, to escalate broad control over personal productivity

Time optimization puts in the structure of preparation, execution, and control, all the while integrating a continuousness and flexibility, but with firm intention, to regulate the outcome.

Time management is a worn-out cliché that needs to be replaced. People manage their time, but they continue to manage it poorly. Life is populated with a series of reactive responses to personal priorities and professional needs. Individuals do not control their calendar; the calendar controls them. Until there is a clear understanding that true productivity begins when the narrative is switched to a proactive mindset, 82% will continue to wallow in time managed obscurity.

The Time Optimized Life reframes the reactive nature of time management and replaces it with a proactive method of time optimization. Drawing from exclusive data captured by the Time Management Analysis (TMA), the book walks the reader through a comprehensive system that is easily adaptable to a particular personality or experience level.

Using it as a complete time overhaul, The Time Optimized Life allows the reader the flexibility to create a time optimization plan that meets their essential needs. Operating with tools readily available to them today, the book will change perceptions of the reader and their approach to the use of their time, without having to invest in new gadgets or software.

Time is a commodity and resource that does not stop. It can’t be reversed, and you can’t go back and get more. Investing time reading and applying the content in The Time Optimized Life will help the reader make the future feel more infinite.

Lifestyle Tools

Retirement Time Analysis (RTA)

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A picture of the Retirement Time Analysis (RTA) full report.

Time Management Analysis (TMA)

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A picture of the Ti8me Management Analysis (TMA) full report.

Participants answer 36 questions around their retirement status; lifespan, career mindset, general time management, retirement mindset, financial mindset, anticipated lifestyle, and planned activities. Based on their answers, the RTA full report highlights the “time phase” they will spend in retirement and an overall classification.

Measure your time efficiency evaluating 20 statements. Participants will receive a personalized report that helps set the stage for refining their time from being managed to being optimized. The assessment provides an overall TIME designation.