Post-Career Lifestyle Stress Test

In the banking industry, a financial stress test is a simulation of how a financial institution would perform under adverse economic conditions. It is used to assess the institution’s strength to economic shocks and to identify areas where it may be vulnerable.

In the world of personal financial planning, you should complete your own personal post career lifestyle stress test before you retire.

Anticipate and prepare for future challenges.

A picture of the post-career lifestyle checklist. Free to download
The Post Career Lifestyle Stress Test Questionnaire

Retirement lifestyle planning is often overshadowed by the financial strategy. However, if you do not invest in what you want to accomplish in retirement, you may find your finances don’t match the life you want to lead. The Post Career Lifestyle Stress Test Questionnaire asks you to consider the following:

Goal planning. Do you have a robust system in place to map out your lifestyle strategy?

Financial attitude. Does your heart and head align with your resources?

Personal health. Have you considered your overall well-being?

The budget. What analysis have you done on your expenses?

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Post Career Lifestyle Stress Test

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