Reflections on 59 Years

Today (April 10, 2023) I turn 59 years old. Wow, it seems crazy to even type that.

Just shy of 6 decades and the overwhelming sense I have today is one of gratitude.

Just a handful of what I am thankful for…

  • A God that has blessed me well beyond what I deserve.
  • A wonderful wife (Susan Rose) who has been with me for 29 years.
  • Two amazing sons and daughter-in-law that are charting their own course (much different than mine) but have futures of such promise.
  • A mother and father (since passed) who I celebrated every success and sought counsel when life was not going as expected.
  • A brother and sister who reflect those same values I saw in my parents.
  • Four high school friends (Matt Anselmo, CSAPTony NiroJerry TelsonArthur Annas) who are an extension of my family and keep my view of life fresh and positive.
  • Countless examples of people who have come into my life and showed me the positive side of humanity.
  • My career experiences that have helped shape my business approach and thinking. Every company I worked for taught me how to be a better employee.
  • Three mentors who invested in me with the only expectation that I use my talents to the best of my abilities.
  • I feel healthier today than in my mid-forties.

I could not have mapped out this life. If someone showed me the script back in college, I would have laughed. I have regrets. I have made a ton of mistakes. I have failed to follow what has been commanded:

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:37-40

Yet, I look back in time and see those events have helped shape who I am today. Sure, I wish I could change the way I have acted in certain situations and treated people better in others. However, my experiences have brought me right here, to a life and mind filled with gratitude.

That gratitude also shapes my view of the future. I am excited about what comes next!

I can’t wait to be thankful for…

  • A God who continues to open up opportunities and blessings.
  • Fulfilling a host of bucket list items and seek out new experiences with my wife.
  • See what my children accomplish and get to experience the joy of being a grandparent.
  • Have my family and friends around to remind me of a great past and to help shape my future.
  • Assisting business professionals plan a post career lifestyle that lets them overflow with gratitude.

I am going to make mistakes. I am going to fail to live up to the commandments Jesus taught. I will disappoint others. I will create more regrets.

However, I am not going to let that stop me from diving into a future of exciting possibilities. Take it from a now 59 year “old fart”, neither should you – whatever your age.

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