Lifestyle Planning: Build Strong Client Relationships

The Infinity Lifestyle Design

How do you ensure that your financial planning services meet the needs of your clients’ lifestyle?

Post-Career lifestyle planning is a holistic approach that considers your clients’ individual goals, values, and priorities. It goes beyond traditional financial planning to help them create a life that is aligned with their financial goals.

Let me tell you a little about the process directly.

What steps do you take to understand their personal needs?

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Certified Retirement Lifestyle Coach

Post-career life should be about new experiences. I did not know how to dance until the age of 58. After years of getting bugged by my wife, I finally agreed. Now, we are still taking lessons and enjoy it. Dancing is a part of our lifestyle plan. What new experiences do your clients have planned?

You help clients and yourself by:

Creating better and more secure financial outcomes

Client lifestyle planning helps your customers make better financial decisions that are aligned with their goals. This can lead to a more secure financial future and a higher quality of life.

Increased client satisfaction and loyalty

Client lifestyle planning helps your clients feel more confident and in control of their finances. This can lead to enhanced client satisfaction and loyalty.

Differentiation from the competition

Client lifestyle planning is a relatively new and innovative approach to financial planning. This can help you differentiate your firm from the competition and attract new clients.

The Process

Each wealth management firm is unique, so the Infinity Lifestyle Design is customized to align with the distinctive approach of the financial services provider. Therefore, a deliberate and intentional process is followed to ensure you are comfortable introducing your clients to the program.

If you’re a financial advisor who wants to provide your clients with the best possible service, then you should consider using the Infinity Lifestyle Design program. It’s a comprehensive and holistic approach to financial planning that can help your clients achieve their goals and live the life they want.

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Tony N.

“Dave made things very practical and helped set my priorities and not lose focus on the bigger issues.”

DeeDee N.

A picture of a customer.

“I went into this thinking it would be boring, but in the end I really enjoyed it. Dave did a great job helping me think about the future.”

Hank and Robyn B.

“Dave made it easy to have a real conversation and planted seeds to be considered as we approach retirement.”