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Post-career life should be filled with amazing possibilities. That will happen when you allow yourself to dive into a particular subject and see who that can apply to your own life. The Infinity Lifestyle Blog takes a different topic each week and provides you with practical advice and solutions for post-career living. You’ll find my own personal examples, client stories, in-house data, and national studies that weave into weekly articles packed full of useful information.

  • The Benefits of Managing Time Like a Long-Term Retiree

    I am in the course of writing my second book (working title: The Time-Optimized Post-Career Life) while the marketing efforts begin for my first book The Time-Optimized Life. As the writing process gets underway, I have talked to a lot of folks who have been retired for a long time. I found out something very…

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  • The Post-Career Gap Year

    Take the time to figure out how to live a post-career life by taking a gap-year to create a lifestyle plan. This article first appeared in Rethinking65. I was never a fan of the term “gap year.” Typically, it involves suspending education for a semester or a year in between high school and college, or…

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  • The Time Management of Soft and Hard Skills

    Here are some of what I consider scary statistics that I have complied with from the Time Management Analysis (TMA). It is not hard to see that the average person tries to plan but does not tie that back to time management. They try and work on organization but lose focus when there is a…

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  • Overcoming a Lifestyle of Procrastination

    I was recently given an opportunity to have The Time-Optimized Life featured in a trade publication. It was going to cost me money. I was told there were only 5 spots left and that I needed to act quickly. I didn’t. In uncertainty, I kept weighing the cost and evaluating the benefits. I wanted a…

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  • The Sandwich Factor of Life

    The majority people in their 50s and 60s are sandwiched between an aging parent and an adult child they’re financially supporting, but they are being very quiet about it. The article first appeared in Rethinking65. Charlotte has started her retirement life, just not how she expected. After a successful career in consumer products, she finds…

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  • Be a Time-Optimized Leader

    George leads a team of eight direct reports, and they have a combined responsibility to manage over 200 people. George is highly productive, highly knowledgeable, and highly driven. However, his version of time management can be to push his needs through the team solely on his timeline and sometimes on his whims. That creates a…

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