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Post-career life should be filled with amazing possibilities. That will happen when you allow yourself to dive into a particular subject and see who that can apply to your own life. The Infinity Lifestyle Blog takes a different topic each week and provides you with practical advice and solutions for post-career living. You’ll find my own personal examples, client stories, in-house data, and national studies that weave into weekly articles packed full of useful information.

  • A Time Lifestyle for the Whole You

    Pamela is going through a lot right now. Having had a busy and successful career, her life is not where she expected it to be. She’s navigating through issues tied to her adult children and the impact on her grandchildren. Timothy is moving into the prime of his career. He is a leader at work…

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  • The Time-Optimized Life: My Journey

    Have no fear, I am not going to bore you with my life story. I value your time too much. What I am going to do is give you a glimpse of my voyage to thinking about and then doing something about that thinking which resulted a resource that is now on paper (and in…

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  • Emails After Hours: What to Do About It?

    I really enjoy understanding the time-optimized dynamics of teams and businesses. I do that through both group and individual assessments of the Time Management Analysis (TMA) report. My process is to identify group improvements in addition to individual enhancements that help themselves and the work group. Recently I was having a one-on-one session with Cathy,…

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  • The Potpourri of Using Your Time

    As a young kid, I remember seeing this bowl on the counter of weird looking chips. As I got closer, I realized they were not to be eaten. It also had an aroma of a variety of smells. When I asked my mom what was a bunch of dead and dried plants doing here, she…

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  • The Wet Cement of Time Optimization

    As a leader, Dennis takes pride in his planning abilities, and to a certain extent, he should. His schedule is defined, his calendar full, and his tasks prioritized. Dennis likes to know what he has to do and when. However, he can be too rigid in his approach. He leaves little room for adaptation, and…

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  • Personal Caring Your Way to More Time

    As more and more people take the Time Management Analysis (TMA), a clear conclusion can be drawn. Individuals do not relate their personal care to their use of time. It can often be looked at as an application that takes away flexibility and freedom from the time someone wants to spend. Typical areas to improve…

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