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Post-career life should be filled with amazing possibilities. That will happen when you allow yourself to dive into a particular subject and see who that can apply to your own life. The Infinity Lifestyle Blog takes a different topic each week and provides you with practical advice and solutions for post-career living. You’ll find my own personal examples, client stories, in-house data, and national studies that weave into weekly articles packed full of useful information.

  • Why Does a Job Have Such Power Over Us?

    A picture of a wizard casting a spell over people working at a table with their computers.

    As regular readers know, I left corporate life to start my own business. Since that time, when I am asked what I do, I tend to respond that I am an entrepreneur. I kind of get an eyeroll from my wife every time I say that. One day she said, “Why not also say sometimes…

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  • Distractions Are Like Smoking Cigarettes

    A picture of an alarm clock smoking cigarettes.

    Both of my parents smoked. All throughout their lives, they battled addiction to cigarettes. Mom and dad both suffered heart disease directly tied to smoking. Thankfully, I never picked up the habit. However, before you want to pin me a medal on me, I think I know some of the impact of what they went…

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  • My Effin’ Time-Optimized Life

    I am a total “fan geek” of the band Rush. Therefore, I was excited to see the lead singer and bass player’s book My Effin’ Life as one of my presents I got to open on Christmas Day (it was at the top of my list). Geddy Lee has always been an amazing musician and…

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  • Getting Over Goal Setting Fatigue

    I have a total love-hate relationship with setting goals. That has been seen in the execution and somewhat checkered track record I have had of achieving those goals. One of the more frustrating times for me was with a major new client from a former employer. We had just signed a multi-year contract that was…

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  • The Power of the Past to Shape the Future

    I am a fan of the past. I like to go back in my past and live in the memories that have been created. With many people, that is just not popular. Superbowl winning football coach Mike Ditka says, “I don’t believe in living in the past. Living in the past is for cowards. If…

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  • The Psychological Nature of Time Consumption: Navigating Life Transitions

    You’ve probably heard about this concept of having an empty jar. The container represents the outline of your life. You then decide to fill that jar with something like small marbles. Each one represents a set amount of time that you think you have left in your life. Usually, one marble is equal to one…

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  • Embrace the Subjective Power of Time

    In my book The Time-Optimized Life, I talk about how the ancient Greeks have two terms for the word time: chronos and karios. “Chronos is the measurable, or quantitative, aspect of time. Look up and see what time it is on the clock right now. Chronos is the way we estimate our plans and quantify…

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  • A Time Lifestyle for the Whole You

    Pamela is going through a lot right now. Having had a busy and successful career, her life is not where she expected it to be. She’s navigating through issues tied to her adult children and the impact on her grandchildren. Timothy is moving into the prime of his career. He is a leader at work…

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