12+1 Infinity Lifestyle Design Program

About 1 in 5 American households are likely to face at least modest lifestyle adjustments in retirement.


42% are not prepared for retirement, but an average of 87% believe retirement planning is important.


Most people retire between 60 – 64 years of age, but then 56% retire earlier than they initially planned.

Goldman Sachs

Wait! Read this before you continue!

The Infinity Lifestyle Design program builds upon itself. In order for me to provide you with the best possible service, it is important you have completed the 1-Hour Consultation first. That sets the foundation for us to work together for you to create a robust retirement lifestyle plan.

We will both benefit by having the opportunity to get to know each other and for me to understand your post-career mindset.

Take a look at a quick synopsis of the 12+1 program

You don’t need to plan in isolation. I highly encourage you to include your spouse or partner. The price is the same whether one or two people participate!

The 12+1 Overview

The 12+1 Program (13-weeks) is for the person or couple who are looking to set an intentional retirement lifestyle strategy that brings fulfillment, contentment, and joy.

The first 4 weeks focuses on setting a variety of short and long-term goals. The second 4 weeks shifts to understanding what retirement life will be like for you (and your spouse/partner if that applies). The third 4 weeks looks at the expense of retirement life, tying the life you want to lead to the resources you will have available. Finally, week 13 wraps the program up with a strategy review session.

All this for only $299 a month for 3 months (plus 1 week).

This system depends on your ability to work independently. We have direct meetings through Zoom, and you can contact me via email and text, but it will require you and your spouse/partner to invest additional time between the meetings to complete the necessary exercises and tools that provides clarity to your retirement lifestyle strategy.

Want more direct assistance?

I am happy to be a direct accountability partner and assist you in greater detail through the Infinity Lifestyle Design 6+1 (25 Weeks) Planning Program.

The 12+1 Details

Month 1

Goal Planning

  • Week 1: Goal Planning
    • 1-hour live strategy session (Zoom)
      • Overview of system
      • Discuss the process
      • Lay-out the timeline
  • Week 2: Goal planning exercises
    • Retirement SWOT Analysis
    • Retirement Purpose Statement
  • Week 3: Continued goal planning
    • 30-minute goal planning check-up (Zoom)
    • The Bucket-List
    • Long-term Goals
    • Annual Goals
    • Short-term Goals
  • Week 4: Goal planning exercises
    • Client(s) completes Bucket List and Long-term goal planning
    • Client(s) take Social Network Audit

Month 2

Understanding Retirement Life

  • Week 5: Social Network
    • 1-hour live strategy session (Zoom)
      • Review and discuss Month 1
      • Review completed Social Network Audit
    • Introduce Social Engagement Questionnaire
    • Introduce Hobby Planning in Retirement
  • Week 6: Retirement life exercises
    • Client(s) completes Social Engagement Questionnaire
    • Client(s) completes Hobby Planning in Retirement
    • Client(s) completes the Retirement Worry Analysis (RWA)
  • Week 7: Retirement life exercises
    • 30-minute Retirement Life check-up (Zoom)
    • Introduce Continuing Education Questionnaire
    • Introduce Exercise Questionnaire
  • Week 8: Retirement Life Exercises
    • Client(s) Continuing Education Questionnaire
    • Client(s) Exercise Questionnaire
    • Client(s) finish or catch-up on any previous activities

Month 3

The Expense of Retirement Life

  • Week 9: The Budget and Transition
    • 1-hour live strategy session (Zoom)
      • Review and discuss Month 2
      • Introduce Budgeting Estimator
      • Introduce Long-Term Residence Plan
      • Introduce Healthcare Cost Impact Questionnaire
  • Week 10: Budget exercises
    • Client(s) works on Budgeting Estimator
    • Client(s) works on Long-Term Residence Plan
    • Client(s) works on Healthcare Cost Impact Questionnaire
  • Week 11: Retirement life exercises
    • 30-minute Retirement Life check-up (Zoom)
      • Introduce Typical Retirement Week
    • Client(s) continues to work on month 3 resources.
  • Week 12: Retirement Life Exercises
    • Client(s) complete typical retirement week
    • Client(s) finish or catch-up on any previous activities

Week 13: Program Strategy Review Session (Zoom). In this one-hour meeting we will walk through all you have accomplished and answer any lingering questions you have before you step out and start living your Infinity Lifestyle Design!

I get it, there is a lot here! Why not book a virtual coffee and let me answer any questions you have about the program. You can also check out the video above with give you an overview of the program.

The 12+1 Opportunity

Only $299 per month for up to 2 people!

Total cost of the program is $897. You will be billed $299 every 30 days for three months. Payments are due and charged every 30 days. Week 13 is included in the program cost.

What do you get?

  • 3 – one-hour live strategy sessions.
  • 3 – thirty-minute check-up sessions
  • 1 – one-hour strategy review session
  • 6 – goal planning resources
  • 5 – retirement life resources
  • 4 – budget and transition resources

Get started on your detailed plan, schedule your first session and order your 13-week program.

3 Payments of $299 per month

Commit to three payment installments every 30 days.

1 Payment of $847

Commit to one payment to cover all three months and you save $50.

Try Month 1 for $349.

Commit to trying the first month. Then decide about months 2 and 3 at $299 each.

Clicking on any of the links above takes you to a page to schedule your first meeting, then you will be prompted to pay the amount you have chosen. Again, please feel free to schedule a virtual coffee and I will be happy to walk through the process.

Want to move slower?

Try 6+1

The 6+1 Program (25 weeks) is for the person or couple who are very busy but still want to set an intentional retirement lifestyle strategy that brings fulfillment, contentment, and joy.