Thank you!

I am so honored you have placed your trust in me to help you with your time optimization strategy.

You may have been wondering why you had to wait at least a week to schedule your consultation. That is because I need you to complete a little “homework” before our session. Follow the steps below to get ready for our time together.

Step 1 – Take the TMA

An Infinity Lifestyle Design exclusive, the Time Management Analysis is a 12-page self-assessment tool aimed to uncover opportunities that become the framework to build a custom approach, intended with your unique needs in mind.

If you have already taken the TMA, I can use those results, or feel free to take it again.

Results will arrive within 48 hours to the email address you have provided.

Step 2 – Download the TMOQ

Modeled from the Time Management Analysis (TMA) tool, The Time Management Outline Questionnaire (TMOQ) walks you through the details of the TMA for you to plan an outline of what you feel a meaningful and purposeful life of maximum productivity.

Download this now so you will be able to have it ready for when you TMA arrives.

Step 3 – Verify your TMA Has Arrived

I will do my best to ensure you get your report back within 48-hours. However, we all know email can be tricky. So set yourself a reminder, if you don’t have your report in two days, then check your spam folder. If you do not see it there, email me at Let me know you don’t have your TMA and I will do some investigating and send it to you right away.

Step 4 – Review and Complete

Once you have all your resources, you should have between 4 and 5 days before our session. Use this time to work to review your Time Management Analysis, as well as the companion Time Management Outline Questionnaire (TMOQ). Write down any questions you have to be ready to ask during the consultation.

Email or text Dave Buck if you have any issues.


Text: 1 (479) 220-7766