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Dave Buck

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How well do your manage your time?

Where are you at on your retirement lifestyle plan? Is it a struggle?

I help build a lifestyle strategy focused on spending time where it is most important.

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Provides a description of the program for in-career improvement of your use of time.

If you are similar to the average participant in the Time Management Analysis (TMA), you tend to procrastinate. You are distracted by all the demands in life. You are not dedicating enough time to personal care.

As a leader, your team may lack the necessary focus and struggles with poor time management skills. They feel overworked and are easily distracted.

The “In-Career Infinity Lifestyle Design” program is tailored for individuals and teams to set proactive habits that optimizes the use of time.

Provides a description of the program for post-career or retirement improvement of your use of time.

You have had successful career and you’re thinking about retirement. However, like those who have taken the Retirement Time Analysis (RTA), you are financially ready, but not lifestyle ready.

As a financial professional or HR administrator, you see hesitation and even resistance of clients and employees as they grapple moving to post-career life.

The “Post-Career Infinity Lifestyle Design” program caters to individuals and couples to design a lifestyle strategy that aligns with their financial plan.

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Dive deeper into the full range of services offered for those in-career and those who are seeking to adjust or even exit professional life.

Lifestyle Management for Busy Professionals

Keep yourself updated on post-career trends and useful information.


Healthy Career Mindset

For many of us, our career defines a significant part of how we view ourselves. Transitioning to a repurposed or retirement life is a challenge for many. We help you navigate the role of work in a post career life.


Optimistic Time Management

Departing a career affords people more time to pursue a variety of other activities. Transitioning to retirement creates new time management challenges. In many cases, it’s a struggle to determine how to fill the available hours.


Dynamic Retirement Mindset

Whether already retired or seeing retirement on the horizon, your attitude shapes the types of experiences and events that will take place. Knowing how you feel about retirement shapes your experiences and events.


Confident Financial Mindset

You have attained a level of financial security based on your monetary planning. Now you need to compare your lifestyle plan to your budget, to maximize the resources you have accumulated.


Joyful Anticipated Lifestyle

The routines established for retirement sets the framework for our day-to-day activities. An active lifestyle in retirement does not just mean motion or movement, it also means a direct approach.


Inspired Planned Activities

Retirement opens possibilities to try new experiences or return to hobbies or interests. You won’t know diverse and active your post-career life can be without a plan.

About Me

I’m Dave Buck the Time Strategist.

Helping senior business professionals create a lifestyle plan for greater personal freedom, semi retirement, and retirement that provides lasting contentment, fulfillment, and joy.

Shows the owner Dave Buck and his wife Susan Rose taking a close-up picture with a waterfall in the background.

My wife Susan and I have invested a lot in understanding how we can have more flexibility in our lives. That has taken us on a journey to create a personal lifestyle plan. Using our own plan as a model, and taking the time management techniques from over three decades of sales leadership, I have created the Infinity Lifestyle Design program.

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What Others Are Saying About Dave

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“I went into this thinking it would be boring, but I really enjoyed it. Dave did a great job helping me think about the future.”

DeeDee N.
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“Dave made it easy to have a real conversation and planted seeds to be considered as we approach retirement.”

Hank and Robyn B.
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“Dave was highly skilled at encouraging discussion and emphasizing where to improve productivity and satisfaction in retirement.”

Brenda L.
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“Dave made things very practical and helped set my priorities and not lose focus on the bigger issues.”

Tony N.

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I want to help you time optimize your retirement or post career lifestyle.