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Post-Career: individuals, couples, financial services

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[For those looking to get more out of life in the same amount of time]
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What Others Are Saying About David

Picture of DeDee N.

“I went into this thinking it would be boring, but I really enjoyed it. Dave did a great job helping me think about the future.”

DeeDee N.
Picture of Hank and Robyn B.

“Dave made it easy to have a real conversation and planted seeds to be considered as we approach retirement.”

Hank and Robyn B.
Picture of Brenda L.

“Dave was highly skilled at encouraging discussion and emphasizing where to improve productivity and satisfaction in retirement.”

Brenda L.
Picture of Tony N.

“Dave made things very practical and helped set my priorities and not lose focus on the bigger issues.”

Tony N.

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About Me

I’m Dave Buck the Time Strategist.

Helping senior business professionals create a lifestyle plan for greater personal freedom, semi retirement, and retirement that provides lasting contentment, fulfillment, and joy.

Shows the owner Dave Buck and his wife Susan Rose taking a close-up picture with a waterfall in the background.

My wife Susan and I have invested a lot in understanding how we can have more flexibility in our lives. That has taken us on a journey to create a personal lifestyle plan. Using our own plan as a model, and taking the time management techniques from over three decades of sales leadership, I have created the Infinity Lifestyle Design program.

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If You Have Any Question,
Feel Free to Call 479-220-7766

I want to help you time optimize your retirement or post career lifestyle.